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Reflections Arts Program

PTA Reflections is a nationally acclaimed student recognition program to encourage
artistic creativity in the classroom and at home. Students of all grades and abilities may
participate and explore the arts based on the 2017-2018 theme: Within Reach

Who Is Eligible to Participate in Reflections?

Reflections is a program offered to students who are enrolled in a PTA school.  For 
Secondary Schools (Middle/Jr and High Schools) you need to be enrolled in a class that
offers credits to participate.  For Elementary schools you need to be enrolled for one class

offered during school hours to participate. For questions please contact


Choose an Arts Category

This is your chance to express who you are as

an individual through one or more of the 


Dance ChoreographyDance Choreography
Film ProductionFilm Production
Music CompositionMusic Composition
Visual ArtsVisual Arts

Reflect on the theme: Within Reach and get creative!

Within Reach

Follow program rules provided by Utah PTA and consider the following criteria.
For inspiration, visit our national award-winning Art Gallery.

Review Criteria
  • Interpretation: How closely the piece relates to the theme, based on
the artwork itself and the artist statement.
  • Creativity: How creative and original the piece is in its conception of the
theme and its presentation.
  • Technique: The level of skill demonstrated in the basic 
principles/techniques of the arts area.

Submit Your Entry

The deadline for our school is Friday, Oct. 6, 2017
 Guidelines can be found HERE and forms are available HERE.
You can also find information by the front office at Hooper Elementary. 

  • In your artist statement, tell us about your work and what it
means to you.

How does your work relate to the theme?

  • What is your personal connection to the theme?
  • What did you use to create your work (e.g. supplies, technology,
         instrumentation, props, etc.)? 
  • What/Who was your inspiration?
For Official Rules for each category visit:

Win Awards and Prizes!

Be considered for local, regional, state and national level awards and prizes.
Learn more about state-level and national-level awards and events.

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