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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Our Halloween Parade is this Tuesday, October 31st at 9:00 am!

Students should wear their costumes to school the day of the parade. After the parade is over, they will get to put their costumes away in their backpacks, or parents may take their costumes home. If possible, students are encouraged to wear their costumes over their clothes to simplify
changing out of their costumes after the parade. 

Parents and family members may watch the parade from the lunchroom or gym,
but not in the halls. 

If afternoon kindergarten students would like to be in the parade, they can come at 9:00 am and walk with a parent or older sibling. 

Costume Guidelines:
No weapons - fake or real
No masks
No face paint
No blood and gore
family friendly (no immodest or revealing clothing)
No clowns (due to recent events)

*If a student violates any of these guidelines, or if the principal and/or teacher feels that the costume is inappropriate in any way, he/she will be asked to remove the costume and will not be able to call home for a replacement.

The school, it's faculty & staff, and PTA are not responsible for lost or broken costumes.

We appreciate your support to make our Halloween parade fun and safe for everyone involved!