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Meeting Minutes

Hooper PTA minutes
Dec. 7, 2017
Attendance: David Gerstheimer, Kelli Brown, Kim Christensen, Natalie Dalpias, Krishel Karras, Lacy Andreasen, Heather Fowers, Adrienne Plicka, Cindy Pendleton, Amy Farnsworth, Karleen Turner, Becca Buck, Holly Draper, Devri Mickelson, Celeste Hatch, Kaycee McFarland, Catherine Lott, Sarah Shultz, Robyn Button, Shanae Headley, Cyndi Bennett, Kadee Frew, Jodi Petersen
Celeste Hatch read the minutes from the previous meeting and they were approved by Cindy Pendleton and seconded by Becca Buck
Cyndi gave the treasurer report.  We started the month with $8,608.  Our total incoming was $20,157 and we spent $11,616.  We ended the month of Nov. with 17,149.71
Cyndi motioned we amend the budget to add $10.000 to the community involvement.  It was open for discussion and there was none that took place so we voted and the vote was unanimous “ayes”.
Krishel  Karras from the playground committee took a few minutes to thank the PTA for all we have done and do for the kids.  She had a few questions about where the membership dues go and Jodi answered those.  Jodi also explained the “whys” that  we don’t pay for playgrounds as a PTA so we aren’t liable for things that happen on it.  There was a great deal of discussion back and forth about the playground committee and the PTA and some misunderstandings that took place and all parties apologized and agreed there was miscommunication and the air is clear. 
Celeste read the bylaws concerning a nominating committee.  Celeste Hatch was nominated to be on the committee and she declined.  Kadee Frew motioned that Cyndi Bennett, Tana Chipp, and Robyn Button be on the nominating committee with Heather Fowers as 1st alternate and Holly Draper as 2nd alternate.  The motion was passed with unanimous “ayes”.
We will be having a STEM night in the spring sometime instead of a STEM club.  We don’t have enough volunteers for a weekly club to make that happen.   Roxanne Saunders will be over that.
Teacher grants are just about ready to go.  Susan will take care of disbursing the money to the individual teachers but we will be giving $2,245.89 for the grants.  The aides have the opportunity to write a grant also and if they do we will have to grant the money after they have requested for it.
Reflections, we had 5 kids that moved onto region and we are so proud of them.  Awards for region will be Dec. 18th at Roy High
Box top store did well, should get about $800 dollars from that.
Upcoming events- Breakfast with Books Dec. 13th and Dec. 15th we will bubble wrap Mr. G and roll him around the gym at 9am and 9:30am
Next meeting will be Jan 4th at 10:00am
Next Meeting Date: Jan. 4, 2017

Hooper PTA Minutes
Nov. 9, 2017
Attendance: Stacy Adams, Cyndi Bennett, Kadee Frew, Shanae Headley, Cindy Pendleton, Holly Draper, Amy Farnsworth, Jessica Smith, Krishel Karras, Amanda Seager, Heather Fowers, Becca Buck, Catherine Lott, Celeste Hatch, Mr. Gerstheimer, Mrs. Chipp, Adrienne Plicka
Cyndi read minutes in Celeste’s absence for being a few minutes late to the meeting at a dr appointment.
Cyndi then gave Treasurer report.  Started the month at 9,147.23 made 4,615.79 and spent 5,214.61 leaving us with 8,608.41.
Please fill out check request forms completely with the tax information.
Cindy P. presented that the weber school district bond passed
Reminder to log volunteer hours, our first quarter we reported over 800 but we probably had about 1000 and people just didn’t report their hours.
Oct. was super busy we had Hank Smith, reflections awards and those moving on will have meeting Nov. 16th at Walquist Jr. High.  Purple ribbon week was great, Halloween Haunt, Faculty dinner, Book Fair, Parade, and Boosterthon kick-off.  Thanks to all who helped make those things happen.
Book fair we earned 3,000 dollars in scholastic bucks.  Kadee motioned we give each teacher 1 book for Christmas, open discussion,  Discussion tabled and we will decide what to do with scholastic bucks at a later date.
Boosterthon we brought in just over 22,000 dollars but we still owe boosterthon over 7,000.  If we do it again next year we will owe them 2,000.  We had an open discussion about if we wanted to do the fun run again and it was decided to wait and let the new president next year decide that for sure.  We will be giving the teachers 10% of what they brought in for the boosterthon that they can use in the form of a grant which will add up to 2,200 dollars approximately.
Kadee motioned that we give our extra boosterthon prizes to the upper grades for recess toys.  After discussion it was not passed.  Kadee re-motioned we give the extra prizes to Becky for the PE closet where the equipment might be better used.  Voted unanimous ayes.
Mr. G discussed that they are putting together a playground committee to try and earn money for a new playground for the upper grades.  We informed them we don’t have any extra money to help them with their fundraising but we are happy to advocate for it. 
Jenn Paulson does spirit days and last month she did a piñata for the prize and next month she will be doing a thanksgiving pie party.
T-shirts went well, Jessica sent in one last small final order and then will be completely finished with them.
Red ribbon week is coming up in Nov. and all is set for that.
Next meeting will be Dec. 7, 2017 at 10:00am
Dec. 13 breakfast with books
Meeting for the playground committee is Nov. 15. 2017 at 1:45 if anyone is interested in going.

Next Meeting Date: Dec. 7, 2017

Hooper PTA minutes
Oct. 5th, 2017
Attendance: Kadee Frew, Cyndi Bennett, Celeste Hatch, Shanae Headley, Tana Chipp, Cindy Pendleton, Jessica Smith, Stacy Adams, Becca Buck, Holly Draper, Heather Fowers, Kelli Brown
Minutes by Celeste
Treasurer Report by Cyndi B. started month with$ 7466, our income was $4284 and we spent $2604 and we ended the month of September with $9147.23.
Cindy P. presented to the board and members present the information regarding the bond that will be up for election on our ballots in Nov.  She answered questions and gave information and encouraged everyone to get out and vote.
Discussed Boosterthon and made it clear that each teacher will earn 10% of the money that their class brings in.  The teachers will still have to fill out a grant to use the money but they can earn that 10% back for their class.  Also discussed our goal is $15,000.  If we reach $10,000 the kids will get a movie party during the school day and if we reach $15,000 Mr. G will let the kids wrap him in bubble wrap and roll him down the halls.
Classic skate night was a success and fun.  179 students came.
Teacher appreciation week was discussed.  There was a lot of discussion to decide if we are going to keep things the same as in the past or maybe appreciate different people each day.  For example, the custodians one day, office staff one day, etc.  After much discussion we decided to keep things as they are and just appreciate the teachers that week and appreciate the others on their designated day by the district. Maybe have one specific day that week that we focus on the aides and resource teachers also.
T-shirts did well, Jessica got most of them in and is letting the community know they are in and to come pick them up at her home.  Discussed possibly doing an order in Nov. for Christmas time.
Membership:  With our competition we were able to get 164 members to join.  Great number and Shanae has a few of the winning parties planned and will be getting the rest set up shortly.
STEM club- if there is enough interest we will have stem club starting in Jan. and running approximately through March or April.
Oct. 11 at 6:30 will be the parent meeting with our school Officer to talk about lockdown and lockout.  We’ve invited a couple other neighboring schools also. 
Halloween Haunt- Becca is doing a pumpkin patch and will allow students to bring their carved pumpkins the put on display
Book Fair set up will be the 12th of October, the preview will be the 13th.
Oct. 24th will be the pep rally for the fun run.
Halloween parade is at the end of the month on the 31st and the janitors usually help set up chairs and Mrs. Chipps class will help take them down.
Next meeting Nov. 9, 2017

Hooper PTA minutes
Sept. 7, 2017
Attendance: Celeste Hatch, Kami Maxfield, Kelli Brown, Stacy Adams, Amy Farnsworth, Becca Buck, Kadee Frew, Shanae Headley, Cyndi Bennett, Cindy Pendleton, Holly Draper, Charles Cook, Jessica Smith, Tana Chipp
Minutes by Celeste Hatch
Treasurer Report: Cyndi Bennett started August with 4813.98. Spent a total of 851.02 ending with a balance of 7466.77
Discussed emergency kits.  We budgeted 600 to help the school pay for them but they are now asking for 700.  Kadee motioned we give the school the 600 dollars budgeted for emergency kits per grant request. Passed unanimous  “ayes”
Lisi Wiser got a job with the school and will no longer do book fairs.  Heather Fowers and Melissa Bingham will now be doing book fairs.
If you will be handling any money  and haven’t signed the Ethics/Conflict of Interest paperwork please see Cyndi to sign it.
Kadee asked us all to please remember to log all volunteer hours.
T-shirt sales- Jessica reported they are going well.  Guesses we have sold about 300 and we sold most all that we had at tomato days.  All orders due Sep, 8th
Membership- Shanae is having a contest between classes  to see who can get the most parents to join.  In the flyer we send home we will change the wording to SUPPORT the PTA instead of join in case people think if they join they have to put in a lot of volunteer hours.
Scholastic bucks- we have 1000$ to spend- want to buy STEM items.  Tentative meeting Sept. 18 to organize the STEM club.
Boosterthon- meeting on Sept. 15, 10-11:30.  Will be a webinar with boosterthon to get all the needed info for our run.  Pep rally will be Oct. 24 and the actual run will be Nov. 3rd.
We will change location of meetings from now on to the extra 6th grade room to help not disturb the 4th grade classes as much.
We will be having a general PTA meeting tentatively the first part of Oct. and have our officer come and do his presentation on emergency procedures so parents can be more informed.
Looking at Sep 20th for room mother training
Oct. 2nd skate night at classic
Oct. 5th next meeting, 10 am in the empty 6th grade room
Oct 6th reflections due- also Hank Smith coming to speak on bullying
Oct 9-13 purple ribbon week, anti-bullying
Oct. 13 Halloween Haunt
Oct 16-18 Book fair and Parent Teacher Conferences
Oct 31st Halloween parade
We have a lot going on in Oct. so we talked about moving red ribbon week to Nov. and Holly agreed.
Invited anyone who would like to go to the Advocacy conference on Tues. Oct 17.

Hooper PTA Minutes
10 Aug 2017
Hooper Park
Treasurer Report: Cyndi Bennett
Attendance: Cyndi Bennet, Kadee Frew, Lisi Wiser, Becca Buck, Cindy Pendleton, Amy Farnsworth, Stacy Adams, Karleen Turner, Mr. G, Holly Draper, ??
Vote on Budget: Kadee Motioned to approve Budget, passed unanimous “ayes”, Celeste Hatch votes aye in absentia
Renewing of By-laws: Kadee proposed renewing the by-laws as is, Cyndi approved, Mr. G 2nd, passed with unanimous ayes.
Ethics/ Conflicts of Interest papers: The financial ethics and conflict of interest forms were passed around for everyone to sign
Teacher Appreciation: Due to conflicts over resource teachers not having room moms, room moms will not be involved in teacher appreciation day.  Stacy Adams will be in charge of Teacher Appreciation week this year.
Volunteer Hours: A volunteer hour log was passed out to everyone, everyone to fill them out and to report to Lacy Taylor each month their hours.
T-shirts: Straight out of Hooper- $5 to make, $10 price to sell, Mustange Pride shirts, $6 to make, 2XL and greater are more to make, it was decided to still sell for $10 sale price.
Campbells Soup Labels: Still available till the end of the year
Membership Drive: Shanae is Membership Chair, Class contest, party for class in each grade with most PTA members
Scholastic Bucks- Turned in Oct 2, getting STEM kits,
STEM Club- Wednesdays, Nov-Jan?  Need to decide how to run it.  Open to everyone?  Cap attendance at 30?  Get Parent Volunteers?  Do Math/Science Olympiad Activities at? 

Upcoming Events:
August 21, 9 am Faculty Back to School Breakfast
August 21 4:30 - 6:30 Back to School Night
Cotton Candy Making- 9 am
Set Up- 1:00 pm
September 1, Welcome Back Assembly
Devri- Intro Reflections
Kadee- Give out prizes for Summer Checklist
September 4, Tomato Days Both
Tricia Perry - Face Painting
T-Shirt and Membership sales, PLINKO- prizes
September 7- PTA Board MTG, 10 am
September 13- Room Mother Training 1:30
Next Meeting Date: 7 Sept 2017

Hooper PTA Minutes
July 12th Hooper Park Bowery
Call to Order:Kadee Frew at 10:00am
Minutes: Celeste Hatch approved by Becca Buck, seconded Amy Farnsworth for June 1st meeting
Treasury report: Cyndi Bennett
            Started year at 5256.37, paid 500 to boosterthon and 100 to order toys for prizes throughout the year.  Ended the month at 4658.67
            Voted Shanae Headly as membership chair, unanimous vote.
            Voted Cindy Pendleton as Legislative VP, unanimous vote approved.
            Discussed Bylaws and the need to renew them this year  They will be posted at the west door for all to see, the budget will be posted also and we will vote on them at the next meeting.
            Confirmed Jessica and Ashley will take care of the teacher Breakfast on Aug. 21st 9:00am
            Talked about back to school night, Jessica will ask Ashley if we can use her Dr. Suess decorations and go around that theme.  Cyndi will see if Lofthouse will donate enough cookies to hand out for free to draw people into the cafeteria.  We will have a reflections booth, a membership booth, and other booths possibly TBD later.
            Back to School Assembly we will shoot for Sep. 1st where we will give our awards for the summer activity sheet.  The class with the most turned in gets a prize, and the individuals who did the most.  We will have devri do something to get the kids going on reflections.
            Tomato Days booth we will have face painting, t-shirt order forms, plinko board and prizes and sell memberships there.  We need volunteers to sit at the booth and help out all day.  Celeste will see if Gail will help paint faces also.
            Talked about online surveys and looked at the responses.  We for sure need to make sure aides feel included during teacher appreciation week.  Talked about making sure at back to school night at the membership booth to let parents know what it really means to be a member, let them know they don’t have to be in charge, they can just help with stuff.
            Discussed that it might be better to move grandparent lunch to Feb. with the book fair then so there isn’t too much going on at the beginning of the year.
            Discussed budget and individually asked each chair to submit a proposed budget and we will discuss and figure out the budget based on those desires the best we can.
            T-shirt sales were discussed and decided we would offer the Straight Outta Hooper shirt at Tomato Days and have that be the last chance to get that print in the original colors we printed in the first time.  We will do a baseball style shirt that will be gray with blue sleeves with the Mustang Pride printed on the front.  Will cost 8$ a piece so we need to figure out how much we are going to charge.
            Anti-Bullying week will be Sept 25-29th and Holly would like to have Hank Smith come speak, possibly the Friday before the 25th.
            Becca will do the display at the Hooper Haunt and Cyndi will be in charge of getting volunteers to do balloon animals.

Attendance: Kadee Frew, Cyndi Bennett, Celeste Hatch, Stacy Adams, Cindy Pendleton, Lisi Wiser, Shanae Headley, Jessica Smith, Amy Farnsworth, Catherine Lott, Becca Buck, Holly Draper, Adrienne Plicka
Meeting Adjourned at 11;10

Next meeting will be Aug. 10 10:00 am at Hooper Park Bowery

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