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2018-2019 Executive Board

Have you ever wondered what the positions of the PTA board consisted of?  We are looking for members to fill our PTA executive board for the 2018-2019 school year.

We are now accepting nominations until January 29th. Our nominating committee will be meeting on the morning of January 30th.  Please send us your nominations in a sealed envelope addressed to Hooper PTA Nominating Committee. You can drop off nominations to the front office or to your students teacher. Please include the nominees contact information and what position you are nominating them for. You can nominate yourself or someone else. After the nominating committee meets on the 30th, they will contact all nominees. 
All nominations must be in a SEALED envelope. 
All nominees must be a current PTA member. 

  Below are the positions (with brief descriptions of each) that need to be filled. 

Organize, plan and set priorities. Recruit, manage, maintain and retain volunteers. Welcome a diverse and inclusive group of member, volunteers and leaders. Run effective programs. Manage money and raise funds. Support membership growth and retention. Run effective meetings. Ensure all voices are heard through effective use of parliamentary procedure.  Advocate on behalf of students. Attend council meetings and file quarterly reports.  Help with transition of the next leadership team by nurturing potential leaders and preparing the incoming team.

President Elect
Shadow the President to learn and prepare to become the President.  Attend monthly board meetings and assist the President where needed.

Leadership Vice President
The main role of the Leadership VP is to sustain the President. The Leadership VP gives active help and encouragement to the President in making PTA successful.  Attend monthly board meetings and give a monthly training on our by-laws or leadership principles.

The main role of the Secretary is to keep minutes of motions and decisions made by the board of the association. Minutes from meetings are considered legal documents for the IRS and other entities. The Secretary also conducts correspondence for the association. The Secretary should serve as a support to the president in whatever is needed.  Attend monthly board meetings.

The Treasurer, elected by the members, is the legally responsible, and authorized custodian of the funds of the PTA unit. The Treasurer does more than make deposits and write checks. It is the Treasurer who ensures that the unit’s finances are properly handled. This is a critical job, since proper handling of the unit’s finances will keep the unit in good standing and maintain its credibility with the members, the school, and the public.
A Treasurer must be diligent, knowledgeable, and conscientious in order to maintain accurate and up-to-date records. These records should be kept in accordance with standard, accepted accounting practices and must comply with PTA bylaws and IRS regulations.  You will also attend monthly board meetings.  

Membership Chair
The strength of our PTA lies in its membership – the parents, teachers, school administrators, business leaders, and community members who devote themselves to making a positive difference in the lives of children. Members are the lifeblood of Utah PTA.  Some of the membership chairs duties include:  
The membership chair is responsible for facilitating the work of the membership committee and ensuring timely, accurate communication with other PTA committees and officers. The membership chair and committee should develop a membership growth plan that will direct the activities of the committee. This plan will create membership recruitment and retention strategies that will lead to overall membership growth.

There will be many other positions to fill once a new Executive Board has been appointed. If you would like to volunteer or chair an event, please come to our PTA meeting in May. 

This Position does not need to be filled at this time:
Legislative Vice President
The main role of the Legislative VP is to be well informed of the education issues in Utah in order to educate your local Board and local membership.  You will attend monthly PTA board meetings and legislative training at the Utah PTA Advocacy Conference, Utah PTA Legislative Conference and the PTA Day at the Capitol.  You also attend meet the candidate night.  Other duties include: studying legislative information in national, state, region, and council mailings and publications and following issues in the media.

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